Austrian news channel OE24 TV on air with Cinegy

Munich, Germany 22 May 2017 – Cinegy today announced that OE24 TV, Austria’s first 24/7 online news channel, which was completely planned and built by Austria-based broadcast specialist ETAS High-Tech Hardware Systems GmbH, has installed eleven of Cinegy’s JET Pack all-in-one live production and playout packages.

OE24 TV is a daily, national newspaper in Austria that now offers a live, 24-hour online news channel covering everything from current politics to popular Austrian society events.

The Cinegy software licenses acquired by OE24 covers components essential for its newsroom operations, which includes Cinegy Archive, Cinegy Desktop, and Cinegy Prompter.

The sum total of Cinegy software now available at OE24 covers the broadcaster’s ingest, production, playout, and graphics workflow with a total of 11 Cinegy JET Pack solutions, each of which includes Cinegy Air PRO with Cinegy Type; Cinegy Capture PRO for real-time ingest; four channels of Cinegy Multiviewer; Cinegy Live for mixing and cutting. Although all are available on a single annual subscription basis, they can if desired be purchased outright, which is equally cost efficient.

The Cinegy software was supplied and installed by Cinegy’s regional partner, ETAS High-Tech Hardware Systems GmbH. The Cinegy software is currently running on an SDI-based infrastructure, which was easier to set up in the near-term, but the broadcaster is looking to transition to all-IP in the future.

Cinegy Managing Director and Co-owner Jan Weigner said, “The comprehensive nature of Cinegy software means that OE24 is completely ready to broadcast news and information instantly, as it happens, but at a fraction of what it would cost with conventional means. The addition of the Cinegy JET Pack modules also enables OE24 to achieve much more, much faster, in a software-only environment than would ever have been possible otherwise. It’s yet another example of the power and flexibility of Cinegy.”


About Cinegy

Cinegy develops software solutions for collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management. Either SaaS, virtualisable stacks, cloud or on-premises, Cinegy is COTS using standard IT hardware, and non-proprietary storage technology. Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive. Cinegy is truly Software Defined Television.

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