Today (certainly in Europe) education at all levels makes use of video, whether generated directly for the purpose or imported from elsewhere, and schools are beginning to view their libraries as “mediatheques” where knowledge can be gleaned not merely from the printed page but also from multimedia content accessed via computers or tablets. Today’s schoolchildren and students have access to a huge additional range of content sources and it is the modern educator’s challenge to keep all this information in order. Additionally, educational establishments present concerts, plays, sports and other events which could be captured, stored and then made available via network to participants and other interested parties. Additionally there is an increasing requirement for modern education to show students how to work with multimedia.

All these requirements can be met cost-effectively with Cinegy. Cinegy Archive can provide a repository for video content, making it instantly retrievable and available, yet in a controlled manner which ensures that only those permitted to watch certain content may see it. The ability to attach metadata to the content means also that all relevant material can be gathered in seconds with just a few keystrokes. In addition, Cinegy Desktop provides a complete yet competitively-priced set of production tools already in use by Cinegy education customers which allow any establishment to generate their own content in the same way many top broadcasters already do. These same tools are also being used by Cinegy customers to teach the skills of editing and programme production. Finally, with Cinegy Air it is possible to route content to networks, allowing students to view relevant content directly on their own mobile devices.


BBC Academy (UK), Regent Park Focus (Canada), Memphis City Schools (USA), Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of the German Army, VGIK (All-Russian State Cinema University) and Moscow State University, Kazan federal University (Russia), Bilgi, Aydın and Anadolu Universities (Turkey), Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile), Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru), and others.