Modern public administration is unthinkable without multimedia. Government meetings have always been recorded as a matter of course, usually via handwritten minutes, more recently via audio recording and nowadays on video. Most governments generate large amounts of content this way, which needs to be stored in such a way as to be useful for clarification, compliance, and posterity. This can best be achieved by storing the material with accompanying metadata, logged against the content to allow immediate retrieval of relevant data as needed. As there are frequently numerous locations where these meetings take place, a centralised overview of these facilities is also frequently desirable. And apart from the need to store information, government may also need to supply it, leading to the need for news and other production facilities to be installed in government buildings.

Cinegy Archive will store filmed, recorded and written information together in a way which enables all content associated with a given topic to be pulled into one place immediately. Cinegy’s logging capabilities can be used to ensure that key points communicated during meetings, speeches and interviews are always available as they were imparted, instead of as dry textual summaries vulnerable to interpretation. Cinegy Multiviewer makes it possible to view multiple simultaneous meetings from a central point in full HD or even UHD, functionality already in use in more than one European government building. Cinegy Studio and Cinegy Live provide an extremely cost-effective core for a compact yet powerful production environment which, if combined with Cinegy Archive and Cinegy Route will allow both recorded and live proceedings to be collated, formatted and presented for broadcast in a controlled manner directly from the source.

Customer References

Cinegy-based solutions are being deployed in different governmental institutions in the following countries – Belgium, Chile, European Union, Gabon, Malta, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Russia, USA.