Television and sport are inseparable concepts. As an observer at a sporting event television captures every nuance, each feat of skill and dash of disappointment from a perspective unattainable by the attending spectator. Multiple cameras record the events as they unfurl on the field, court, track or wherever, from multiple angles. Other cameras track the consequences of and reactions to these events which are then shown on screen accompanied by additional information in the form of graphics and text to augment the viewer’s appreciation. Each incident is swiftly followed by the next and once the sporting event is over broadcasters need either to be able to summarize what has just taken place to conclude a live broadcast or assemble an accurate summary for later viewing.

Cinegy Archive allows broadcasters to gather all footage of an event in one place, while Cinegy Desktop is used to review each incident, log goals, penalties, runs, points, knock-outs and pit-stops and feed the logged data directly into crisp real-time graphics provided by Cinegy Title, all at the speed required for modern sporting television production. Running as it does on compact modern IT hardware, Cinegy can run practically anywhere, can be configured specifically for the kind of event taking place and can be up and running quickly, saving valuable time. In fact, Cinegy is already in use by sports broadcasters who require exactly that kind of flexibility having proved its worth in sports as varied as stock car racing and competition ballroom dancing.


Major League Baseball (USA), TRT Spor (Turkey), SES (Sweden), NBC Sports Group, RTV GmbH (Germany), Kazsport (Kazakhstan), and others.