Houses of Worship

A church, it is often said, exists not as bricks and mortar but as a congregation. Today, when a large congregation gathers in a building it is standard that technology helps out, at the very least in the form of audio amplification. Large modern houses of worship frequently contain full audio-visual installations to ensure that those at the back do not miss out, but often the intended congregation can be much larger than can be accommodated in even the largest building, at which point those places with audio-visual installations become de-facto broadcasters, often transmitting their services via cable or other means. However large scale is not the only reason why audio-visual support may be called upon. In the modern world, smaller religious groups bound by nationality and language often find themselves spread across the globe yet still wish to anchor themselves to their own culture by their specific acts of worship.

Since the purpose of worship is communication, any medium which serves to communicate can be called into service. Cinegy Archive, Cinegy Desktop and Cinegy Title allow acts of worship to be captured, structured, enhanced with graphical content and packaged for further diffusion. Cinegy Live and Cinegy Studio can be used in addition to existing audio-visual equipment to feed screens inside and outside any building, and can be used in conjunction with Cinegy Air PRO to broadcast proceedings live or as recordings. At the same time Cinegy’s modular structure and low cost of acquisition bring the possibility of expansion to a global congregation within reach of smaller organizations and provide a means of sending the message to those who wish to hear it, irrespective of where they may be.


Al Itrah Foundations (Tanzania), Al Huda (Egypt), God TV (Sweden), Gospel Ministries International (Bolivia), Grenada Family Network (Grenada), Hope TV (New Zealand), IRR-TV (Finland), and others.