Today’s broadcasters must originate and store a variety of compelling content and transmit it to their viewers consistently and reliably. At the same time they must control their workflows to ensure legal compliance and protect content from unauthorised viewing and copying. And they must be able to maximise the benefits of stored content, repurposing relevant material as required. At the same time they need to meet the challenges of new platforms (like OTT) and new technologies (like UHD). Traditional broadcasting has relied on extending existing hardware-based equipment, but HDTV and UHD have exposed limitations which conventional solutions struggle to overcome.

By replacing expensive, dedicated television plant with conventional IT hardware and Cinegy’s workflow software, broadcasters can benefit from content which is safely and securely stored, yet immediately identifiable and instantly retrievable. They can choose to retool using future-proof solutions which plug in directly to whatever new devices and markets may emerge. They can replace inconvenient legacy hardware which requires one expensive video cable route per video signal with open-ended quickly-extensible networked solutions. They can transmit content not just via antenna, but immediately via the Internet with eye-catching branding inserted in real time at playout. Cinegy’s decades of experience with world-leading broadcasters also ensures that their software solutions integrate easily with existing workflows, allowing for a controlled and staged transition from the analogue legacy world to the flexibility of software defined television.


Multi-channel playout with Cinegy (core scenarios)

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