Cinegy at a Seminar “Actual Technologies: IP in TV 2017” in Saint-Petersburg

Watch Cinegy representative Tanya Zolotuskaya talking about “SDI Must Die” in Saint-Petersburg

On June 28, one of the biggest Russian system integrators, DNK Corporation, held a seminar on Actual TV Technologies at the St. Petersburg Institute of Film and Television. It was dedicated to the introduction of the latest technologies and equipment in the field of video over IP. Cinegy was invited to take part in this event.

We have been with DNK Corporation for more than 10 years, implementing a lot of Cinegy-based workflows in Russia and former USSR countries.

More than 110 participants from all over Russia as well as from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and China took part in a seminar, accompanied with over a hundred viewers via online streaming.

You can check how Cinegy representative Tanya Zolotuskaya was talking about “SDI Must Die” by following the link. This seminar is delivered in Russian.

Presentation slides (also in Russian) can be download here .