Cinegy NAB 2018 Preview

NAB 2018, 9-12 April, Booth SL12116 – Cinegy says yes to flexible IP, cloud, on-premise playout, and master control at NAB 2018

Cinegy, which develops and produces software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation and playout today announced that it will launch its Channel-in-the-Cloud™ solution bundle, consisting of its Cinegy Air PRO playout and automation solution and Multiviewer system on Booth SL12116 from 9-12 April in Las Vegas.
Channel-in-the-Cloud provides automation, playout, branding, master control, analytics and alarms, all in one ready-to-go cloud instance with pay-as-you-go hourly pricing. It is now available on Amazon Web Services and Azure Marketplace, providing a vastly simplified way to get single or multiple channels of SD, HD and/or Ultra HD 4K playout running in the cloud in minutes.
Cinegy Air PRO was developed to answer all of the playout challenges broadcasters face today. Whether SD, HD, and/or 4K HDR playout is needed – locally in the studio, in the field, in the cloud, in combination – or SDI, IP, or streaming – Cinegy Air PRO handles it with unmatched flexibility. Combined with equally flexible financial models, ranging from outright purchase to pay-as-you-use, Cinegy Air PRO is a compelling playout option.


Cinegy Multiviewer is believed to be the most flexible and versatile multiviewer ever produced. With Cinegy Multiviewer, broadcasters and production houses can locally and remotely monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices, and many other sources.
Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “Detailed signal inspection and big data analytics make other multiviewer solutions look like relics from the dark ages compared to Cinegy Multiviewer.”


Multiple feature enhancements in Cinegy Multiviewer for NAB include enhanced audio decoding; reactive PPM; loudness measurement; extended telemetry; advanced stream metadata; and all major captioning formats with teletext decoding.


Cinegy Multiviewer is also available in the cloud; and Cinegy Air PRO and Cinegy Multiviewer are available in the cloud as a ready-to-launch power bundle on both AWS and Azure, enabling broadcasters, corporations, or anyone with a valid credit card to launch a multi-channel TV station in minutes.


Weigner said, “For example, Cinegy’s recommended AWS offering at $4.87 per hour provides an AWS instance with all the Cinegy software to run four HD channels or one UHD channel of playout with branding, H.264, or HEVC streaming output, as well as a Cinegy Multiviewer with streaming output to monitor it all remotely. There are no hidden costs. It’s strictly pay as you use.


“We’re extremely proud of our new Cinegy Air PRO and Cinegy Multiviewer as they are among the most exciting, powerful, and beneficial solutions we’ve ever developed. They represent major advances in software-only broadcast environments on-premise and also the cloud. We are delighted to showcase them for the first time in North America at NAB, and they are immediately globally available via AWS and Azure.”



About Cinegy

Cinegy develops software solutions for collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management. Either SaaS, virtualisable stacks, cloud or on-premises, Cinegy is COTS using standard IT hardware, and non-proprietary storage technology. Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive. Cinegy is truly Software Defined Television.

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