Deluxe Mediacloud and Cinegy to strengthen exclusive collaboration

Launching at NAB2013, Deluxe MediaCloud offers a next generation, cloud-based service platform using tightly integrated Cinegy components.  MediaCloud, poised to revolutionize playout in the broadcast space, joins the ecosystem of services from Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, geared to simplify the media landscape by increasing efficiency while decreasing costs.

MediaCloud brings together cutting edge non-proprietary IT technologies and state-of-the-art media tools to deliver a revolutionary broadcast service offering.  Building on a highly adaptive IT-centric business model that leverages from clustered technologies within disparate data centers, Deluxe is setting new standards for how content owners and broadcasters engage with and deliver their media properties.

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy, says, “Cinegy has been committed to collaborative, robust, scalable digital media and broadcast workflow tools for over 10 years. The strategic fit with Deluxe’s world-leading provision of services is perfect – and means that our two companies can increasingly work together to maintain a world class solution.”

MediaCloud comprises three elements: Portal (an orchestration and asset management suite of broadcasting tools presented through a web browser); Playout (a software centric, highly scalable, resilient and feature rich playout platform); and Delivery (a suite of tools developed to reliably and securely transport premium broadcast streams across virtually any network topology).

“Deluxe MediaCloud is delivering cloud-based playout and associated services now.  Using Cinegy technology in conjunction with Deluxe workflow innovation, the operational and business benefits of a platform-as–a-service can be realized by broadcasters and other media organizations around the world.  controlling infrastructure, technology and staffing costs offers customers savings and facilitates creativity alongside faster launch times.  Content owners can leverage their ownership rights for brands and events, and monetize their assets more easily. Who wouldn’t want or need that?” Weigner says.

MediaCloud delivers to any broadcast format, with a very high service quality from a highly resilient infrastructure.  Robust system and data security levels rival those found in major banks and military operations and full disaster recovery is implicit within the service offering.

Alec Stichbury, Chief Technology Officer, Deluxe MediaCloud says, “We’re delighted to be enhancing and extending our exclusive collaboration with Cinegy.  Together we’re shaping a future for broadcasters that knows no boundaries. This collaboration also provides many benefits to our customers who are embracing the changes that MediaCloud brings.”

About Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., Deluxe is a leading provider of a broad range of services and technologies for the global digital media and entertainment industry. Bringing together a comprehensive network of specialized companies with best-in-class artistry, cutting-edge technology, streamlined delivery and distribution solutions and customized management strategies, Deluxe approaches all of its businesses with an ingrained attention to quality, detail and creativity. From start to finish, in whatever format or language is required, Deluxe has the infrastructure and in-house capacity to provide complete solutions to a broad range of customers, including: major motion picture studios, television networks and cable companies, advertising agencies, brands, production companies, independent distributors and content owners.


About Cinegy

Cinegy is a world-leading software development company specializing in innovative video, broadcast and OEM solutions for international broadcasters and equipment vendors.

Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive.

Cinegy’s Application Areas include:

  • Media Asset Management & Active Archive
  • Broadcast Automation and Playout Service
  • IP Signal Distribution and Monitoring
  • Workflow
  • Newsroom Integration
  • Compositing & Effects, CG and Branding
  • MPEG Technology / Encoders / Decoders / Transcoders