Fox International Channels Turkey deploys a Cinegy Archive and MAM Solution

FIC Turkey supplies media content to Pay TV under Fox TV Channel brands in Turkey.

At the start of summer 2012, FIC Turkey required a Media Asset Management to digitalize their workflow and daily operations.

With Cinegy’s local partner in Turkey, Orsatek, FIC Turkey now operate on a Cinegy solution that provides them with a complete Cinegy solution from ingest to
playout and everything in between.

“FIC is not the carriage provider, but rather a content aggregator, providing Channel services (FX, FOXlife, Fox Crime, National Geographic) to all platforms in Turkey. We were looking for a system which would allow us to meet different format demands from different platforms for linear and non-linear content. Cinegy is supporting a wide range of file formats and is responsive to change. Being able to edit our content in Cinegy without any external editing system is a big value. Great support from the local team to find local solutions.” Says Ms. Sevi AKDEMİR Operations Manager FIC Turkey

Cinegy Workflow is an integrated, end-to-end, HD/SD, digital media production and management system designed to meet the challenges of 21st century television and media production.

“We are very excited to be working with FIC Turkey and providing them with an innovative solution that has moved them from an analog workflow to a complete digital workflow, based on Cinegy software. Cinegy’s archive and media asset management solution, Cinegy Archive, is the innovative media asset management solution that offers customers like FIC Turkey with a
flexible and scaleable solution which lowers operating costs by using standard IT Equippement.” .Says Daniella Weigner, Managing Director Cinegy.

About Orsatek

Orsatek, is the master reseller of Cinegy products in Turkey. Orsatek consults in moving assets of customers from tape to digital media, reorganizing workflows of the companies, and educating their responsible persons according to new workflow.

About Cinegy

Cinegy is a world-leading software development company specializing in innovative video, broadcast and OEM solutions for international broadcasters and equipment vendors.

Based on standard IT hardware and non-proprietary storage technology, Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive.

Cinegy’s Application Areas include:

  • Media Asset Management & Active Archive
  • Broadcast Automation and Playout Service
  • IP Signal Distribution and Monitoring
  • Workflow
  • Newsroom Integration
  • Compositing & Effects, CG and Branding
  • MPEG Technology / Encoders / Decoders / Transcoders