Innovative MAM solution

for any organization with an archive or productions to manage

Advanced logging and metadata accumulation

for easily searchable and reusable media assets

Local and remote real-time collaboration

even while meterial is still being ingested

Cinegy Archive

brings your assets to life

Cinegy Air PRO

Enterprise Archive and Workflow Solution

Media asset volumes increase relentlessly – keeping this organized and accessible to your business must be a priority.

Cinegy Archive acts as the secure hub to control and share your media asset metadata throughout an enterprise, providing centralized management of content and acting as the centerpiece of your desktop asset management systems.

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Cinegy Archive is the innovative media asset management solution for any organization with an archive or productions to manage. With its scalable and open architecture Cinegy offers the most affordable solution to digitize tape-based archives and production workflows. With advanced logging and metadata accumulation over the entire lifecycle of the media assets these become easily searchable and reusable, saving time and money.

Cinegy Archive enables local and remote real-time collaboration allowing loggers, story and video editors to work on video material in real-time even while it is still being ingested. Using the Cinegy Workspace browser-based interface, clips can be searched, browsed, selected and even edited from anywhere. Cinegy Archive brings your assets to life.

MAM Today

Over the past several years, digital storage prices have dropped dramatically. At the same time, the cost of commodity IT equipment and PC hardware has remained low, while their power has soared. As a result, a digital media archive that previously required dedicated, proprietary storage or server hardware can now be created with more capacity, greater flexibility and at far lower cost using standard IT equipment based on standard Intel CPUs with Windows or Linux operating systems. What was formerly problematic is now practical.

The Cinegy Archive architecture is based on open standards and formats such as AAF, MXF, MPEG-2 and H.264. Software controls both encoding and playback. Video and audio are stored in multiple non-proprietary formats in user-definable picture qualities – all the way from web quality to broadcast distribution quality or uncompressed film.

Cinegy’s software player and video codecs are constantly improved and updated through ongoing development, a benefit that does not pertain to other dedicated hardware codecs.

Database Driven

Cinegy software is completely database driven. No data is stored on client systems. Content can be ingested from tape or file, or transferred from existing editing systems or shared storage solutions such as Avid ISIS. Media is stored in a centralized repository within Cinegy Archive, accessible directly through the Cinegy Desktop client or through Cinegy’s platform-independent, browser-based solution Cinegy Workspace.

Changes are visible immediately allowing real-time collaboration. Cinegy Workspace provides all the tools for simple search, browse log and edit, while for more advanced operations such as logging with templates or HD timeline editing, moving to the Cinegy Desktop client is seamless. Changes made to a project from a team member on the road using the Cinegy Workspace client are immediately reflected in the Cinegy Desktop application and vice versa.

Access Your Archive

Cinegy Workspace has been developed as a rich Internet application to provide cross-platform support (running on Windows and Mac OS) and requiring no dedicated application installation. Five Cinegy Workspace licenses are included with every Cinegy Archive, allowing you to transform your digital production system into a modern mobile workflow.

Extra licenses can be added quickly and easily allowing more users to work simultaneously on the collaborative production process. For large organizations a separate Cinegy Workspace Server can be set up to provide a scalable enterprise volume platform. With the Cinegy Workspace Server in place concurrent access is available to all permitted users, with a number of simultaneous connections dependent on server capacity and network bandwidth.

Manage Easily

Cinegy Enterprise Manager allows system administrators to control and modify the Cinegy Archive system without requiring expert knowledge of SQL systems. For example, administrators can use Cinegy Enterprise Manager to manage ingest encoding profiles on a global basis. Similarly, they can employ user rights control to determine which elements individual users are able to see and modify. Administrators also have the ability to restore entries deleted by users by accident or purge elements permanently. Additional features include diagnostic tools that allow administrators to observe system status and detect bottlenecks. System maintenance and managing storage volumes are additional functions that an administrator can perform.

Storage Management

Cinegy Archive has a multi-tier storage concept that can work with different storage architectures which can even be mixed and matched. From simple NAS to complex HSM or combined – all options are supported. Storage can be added during operation. Using simple NAS, SAMBA or Windows Storage Server, Cinegy Archive can perform storage load balancing for increased performance. Automatic push to, or recall from, digital tape libraries controlled by HSM solutions, by vendors such as Quantum and XenData, is also supported. The differentiation between production and archive storage allows different storage architectures for different bandwidth and volume requirements.

Manage Large Amounts of Digital Assets

Cinegy Media Cleaner can analyze media usage and then compact video assets to only contain what is really in use in a production, which can then be copied to archive storage. Cinegy Media Cleaner can perform these operations fully automatically as a scheduled process, e.g. compacting out-of-date rolls and/or moving old rolls from production to archive storage. This can be preset for different production folders with different settings allowing a high degree of automation and storage retention.


A sophisticated search engine allows users to quickly locate required video media and documents. A simple search delivers results quickly; a federated search adds intranet and Internet access; while an advanced search enables further functionality for more precise results.


Cinegy Archive uses today’s most advanced accumulative metadata collection methods, with a highly customizable metadata set for meeting any specific user needs. Any number of custom metadata fields can be added to the system at any time. Ingested video clips automatically inherit information including tape or disk reference IDs, cameraman, date, program name, rights, resolution, type, legal information and production notes. Users can add additional information to a video clip or a section of a clip. Any number of the custom metadata fields can be added to the system at any time. Cinegy Archive seamlessly integrates with all Cinegy products, ensuring that metadata is accurately created, updated and maintained on each step of the production workflow.

Rights Management

All access rights can be controlled to the lowest level of detail. Functionality available to individual users depends on their roles and the security level they have been assigned. A particular item or a database sub-tree can be hidden from specific users, while anyone with appropriate user rights can access video material and instantly view, tag or annotate ingested content.

Editors and producers can work on material on the fly as content is accessed in parallel by any number of loggers, producers or any authenticated and assigned end-user. For example, experienced editors could have access to a different set of features and content compared with that available to production assistants.

  • Affordable
  • Enterprise scalable asset management
  • Collaborative, non-linear workflow
  • Asset lifecycle metadata accumulation
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Active archive
  • Uses standard IT hardware
  • Uses commodity IT storage
  • Flexible & open
  • Future proof
  • Third-party integration
  • Simple operation
  • Rights management and access control
  • AVID, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro Integration
  • Broadcast Automation and Traffic Integration
Supported TV formats
  • Ultra High Definition 25/30fps
  • High Definition 1080i, 720p
  • Standard Definition PAL and NTSC
Natively supported codecs
  • XAVC
  • AVC-Intra
  • Avid DNxHD
  • XDCAM HD 422
  • IMX
  • H.264
  • MPEG-2 Long-GOP
  • MPEG-2 (up to 1080i 4:2:2)
  • DV and DVCPO

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