Scrolling Text

with speed management and timing control

Script items list

A separate window to display the items state and order

Prompter device monitor in Cinegy Studio

with all the timers displayed

Cinegy Air PRO

Broadcast Teleprompting Software

The Cinegy Prompter software runs on any commodity or tablet Windows-based PC and is compatible with many standard teleprompter hardware devices available on the market.

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Cinegy Prompter automatically receives text blocks marked as Anchor and allows you to play them with predefined speed. Either the operator or the presenter can adjust the speed with a jog-shuttle, pedal or keyboard. The text block can be previewed or even edited any time before it has been started. Video output can be mirrored vertically, horizontally or even switched to right-to-left mode if required. Font type, size and color can be changed according to your anchor’s preference.

Cinegy Prompter is highly integrated with the Cinegy Archive newsroom solution and automatically receives all the updates from the database once the changes are made in Cinegy Desktop. Cinegy Prompter can play the story not only on the locally connected display, but also distribute it across entire production network via MPEG-TS streaming output – which makes it probably a unique solution on the market.

  • Pure software solution for any Unicode language
  • Compatible with your existing hardware
  • Customizable font, colors and shortcuts
  • Real-time speed control
  • Horizontal and vertical mirroring
  • Countdown timers for the anchor
  • Full-screen output to a local display
  • Stream to network in MPEG-2 or H.264

You can learn more about Cinegy Prompter here: