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Adobe and Cinegy

CG and branding

Cinegy’s ground-breaking Daniel codec can be easily used with Adobe After Effects CC to output animations as part of Cinegy Type (soon to be replaced with next-generation Cinegy Titler), a CG and branding option that extends Cinegy’s Air PRO real-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation software. Any project created in Adobe After Effects CC can be easily exported via the Daniel codec for use with a Cinegy Air PRO playlist. Read more about integration here 


Cinegy Archive is an innovative media asset management solution for any organization with an archive to manage. Cinegy Archive’s close integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables Cinegy software users to efficiently navigate through archive databases, search for specific nodes, and select objects such as clips, rolls, or clip bins in order to drag-and-drop them into Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects. The Cinegy ‘Convert’ job folder architecture offers another way of importing rolls, clip bins, separate clips, or sequences into Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects. Read more about integration here and here.

Native 8K editing

Cinegy launched a new version of its Daniel2 Adobe® Creative Cloud® plug-in, designed for the latest versions of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, Adobe After Effects® CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC. The Daniel2 production codec enables ultra-fast HD, UHD or 8K production at full resolution on affordable hardware, and accelerated HEVC export up to 8K for distribution using NVIDIA GPUs. Read more about integration here.

The new version of Cinegy Adobe CC plugin for accelerated Daniel2, H.264 and HEVC is available for immediate download at

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