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Cinegy and Quantum

Quantum StorNext® scale-out storage solutions provide high performance and advanced data management for large data-driven media workloads. Cinegy’s broadcast workflow suite provides all the ingest, edit, archive, and playout tools required for a production or broadcast user at their desktop while StorNext delivers scalable storage and hierarchical storage management (HSM)—allowing content to be both protected and optimized to provide the lowest possible cost of ownership for large media assets.

The combination of StorNext and Cinegy products can for example be configured to automatically store high-resolution master assets on tape for conforming and archive and low-resolution proxies on disk for day-to-day operations. These solutions can also be configured to enable multiple copies of content to be stored to protect material and aid business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) procedures.


  • Cinegy and Quantum Reference Architecture Guide (download pdf)
  • Watch the joint webinar of BBC, Cinegy and Quantum “How BBC Northern Ireland turned decades of content into a secure, accessible petascale archive”
  • Read more about Cinegy integration with the 3rd party archive libraries on Cinegy Open.

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