Cinegy software and servers at the heart of Moscow Temocenter

IBC 2017, 15-19 September, Stand 7.A30 – Cinegy today announced that the Moscow Department of Education has added “Temocenter” a new on-line HD channel that uses Cinegy software to process its output.

Based in Moscow, Temocenter is the central facility of the Moscow Department of Education’s technical education. A new automated playout/broadcasting complex was created to enable the center to create a live internet HD channel, “Moscow Educational”. Developed, installed and commissioned by Cinegy partner DNK Corporation in Moscow, the center uses the most advanced hardware and software solutions to produce the channel, including Cinegy’s automation system.

Temocenter Head of Technical Support Sergey Spiridonov said, “Cinegy has excellent brand recognition based on consistently positive user reviews, and we had the opportunity to see what Cinegy’s system could do at trade shows like NAB, IBC and NATEXPO.

“Those first-hand demonstrations convinced us that Cinegy had exactly what we needed to automate the new system, which in turn enabled us to achieve our main objectives for the project. Those objectives were to optimise the channel creation process and organise a complete archive with the ability to rapidly search and retrieve footage. The implementation of Kraftway servers with the Cinegy software also gave us a 100 percent tapeless production facility.”

The Cinegy automation software sits on a cluster of two Kraftway servers totaling 56TB, one for use as a database server and the other a video file server for storing educational projects.

Included in the Cinegy software package is Cinegy Archive media asset management; Cinegy Air PRO real-time playout and multi-channel automation; Cinegy Convert transcoding; Cinegy Desktop, which provides real-time media access with newsroom production workflow management; and multi-format video capture with Cinegy Capture PRO.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “Cinegy provides a very flexible system with functionality that can be used in powerful, high-end television complexes or low-budget mini studios. That combination of flexibility and functionality is perfect for educating students and enabling them to grow in tandem with the future of broadcast technology.”


About Cinegy

Cinegy develops software solutions for collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management. Either SaaS, virtualisable stacks, cloud or on-premises, Cinegy is COTS using standard IT hardware, and non-proprietary storage technology. Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive. Cinegy is truly Software Defined Television.

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